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Track Availability with intuVision® VA

Use intuVision Parking to obtain accurate occupancy measures in your facility, lot, or parking area.

Track floor by floor or overall occupancy for your garage or parking lot

Obtain accurate occupancy measurements by facility, by floor, or by section to efficiently direct drivers and track parking use over time.

With output triggers and flexible web API, display this information on signage or in parking apps.

Both day-time and night-time tracking available, automatically switch between modes as lighting changes.

What our customers are saying...

"IntuVision team are what I consider to be wizards in the video analytics field. We have a municipal customer who required garage capacity analytics through the use of video cameras…..They (intuVision) delivered an analytics solution with a 95% accuracy rate and as a result we got a very happy customer."
Clayton Cannon, Systems Engineer, Internet of Things (IoT), Presidio

intuVision VA Parking Module Summary

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