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intuVision® VA Retail - Occupancy Measure

Use intuVision Occupancy to determine total occupancy for retail floors, areas, building, and more.

Real-time Occupancy Monitoring

intuVision Retail is the one-stop-shop for all of your retail analytic needs. From people counting and heatmaps, to queue and employee management, to security events such as intrusion and loitering, intuVision Retail has it all.

Use our new Occupancy Measure to monitor occupancy in buildings, floors, departments, and more!

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What our customers are saying...

"Using intuVision’s people counting solution, we are able to generate accurate counts without significant cost or hardware deployment. With intuVision’s remote optimization service, support was always accessible." - Don Gooding, Director of Operations, USI Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Read about intuVision Retail in use at a series of outdoor premium outlet centers

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