intuVision® Traffic

intuVision Traffic will give you accurate traffic information effortlessly. Process in real-time or from video files, for a variety of events including vehicle classification and counting, speed, idle vehicles, and more.

intuVision VA Traffic

intuVision traffic video analytics classify and count vehicles in realtime or faster-than-realtime.

Our Traffic solution is a complete resource for collection, analysis and reporting of traffic data. intuVision VA Traffic does not require costly installation and provides more information than simple daily vehicle axle counts.

intuVision Traffic reliably monitors all vehicle and pedestrian activity.

Periodic digests report counts of vehicles by class, average speed, direction and time.

All information can be exported as Comma Separated Value (CSV) files for import into third-party applications.

Heatmaps provide instant overview of the trends at an intersection. Exportable as high quality images, they are perfect for understanding overall traffic flow.

intuVision VA Traffic enables seeing well beyond the data, with an intuitive glance at hidden traffic patterns. intuVision traffic video analytics collect vehicle track information for heatmap over-views and track review of individual vehicles.

  • License purchase is not tied to specific camera, so you can move processing from one camera to another.
  • Detect multiple events from one camera view, we allow you to add unlimited event types per camera.
  • Reliably classify between cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Generate counts or speed information for each group.
  • Day vs. night settings allow you to apply different settings at night for reliable tracking. Headlight removal allows for accurate nighttime counts.
  • Detect traffic stopped with idle object detection. Treat different events as desired, send an alarm for stropped traffic, but generate counts for traffic counts, etc.
  • Hourly, daily, or weekly email digests send traffic counts directly to your email. CSV export of event counts lets you ingest information into other applications.
  • Heatmaps allow overview of traffic information and provide intuitive demonstration tools for presentations.
  • Search vehicle or person tracks for post event analysis. Without needing to reprocess video, you can search by classification type, color, location, time, and more.
  • Compound events, either between cameras or on the same camera - create more advanced events to perfectly match every project.
  • And more…

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intuVision Traffic Events

intuVision VA offers the unique capability to add as many events and event rules to each of your cameras - meaning that with the same camera you can classify vehicles and detect speed, turn counts, and idle objects, while still managing pedestrians.

As with the other modules, intuVision Traffic events also include those in the intuVision Core module.

Activity (Core) Detect any moving object activity in a zone, can be limited to people or vehicular activity.
Average Speed Collect information on the average speed of vehicles passing through your road way. Can be separated by vehicle classification type if required.
Camera Tamper (Core) Detect when a camera has been obscured or blocked, either unintentionally or maliciously.
Color Search Perform a color based search of people or vehicles, to quickly find suspicious objects after an event has occurred.
Congestion Detect traffic congestion on your roadways. Send alerts to notify of potential accidents, track traffic congestion over time, and more.
Direction (Core) Detect vehicles or people moving in the specified direction.
Exportable CSV Export event information, including vehicle speeds, counts, and classification data, to share with partners or ingest into other tools.
Faster-Than-Realtime Processing Process video files as much as 17 times faster than realtime. Process an hour+ video in minutes.
Idle Object (Core) Detect people or vehicles idling or loitering in specified locations.
No ExitDetect if a car has parked and no one has left the vehicle. This is useful to detect suspicious activity.
Pedestrian Activity Detect when pedestrians are too close to the roadway or gathering on the side of the road.
Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety and Counting Count pedestrians as they walk along sidewalks or crosswalks, ensure pedestrian safety, or detect when people jaywalk, etc.
Person/Vehicle Classification Effortlessly set up classification to detect between people and vehicles, and then more closely classify between vehicle types - cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.
Process from Video Files Automatically cycles through videos in a folder, mark the start date of videos being processed, and assign specific time periods to events based on the video start date/time.
Smoke/Fire Detection (Core) Visually detect if a fire has occurred in your parking areas. Standard smoke and fire detectors do not work well outdoors, our visual detector will notify you right away.
Speeding Vehicle Detect vehicles speeding through traffic scenes. Speeding vehicles are unsafe, but can be hard to catch.
Stopped Vehicle Detect a vehicle idling in a suspicious location, whether they have broken down or are illegally parked.
Throughput (Core) Detect objects crossing specified edges of the zone.
Track Summaries After-the-fact review track summaries and snapshots of people or vehicles as they move through the scene. Search for tracks based on location, color, and classification to effortlessly go through processed video, without needing to re-process.
Traffic Heatmap Generate a heatmap to see an overview of traffic information and provide intuitive demonstration tools for presentations.
Turn Count Count vehicles following specific tracks through the roadway. Differentiate the counts between where vehicles came from and where they turned.
Vehicle Classification: Truck, Car, Motorcycle Quickly and easily classify between vehicle types, including truck, motorcycle, car, and more. Use this classification information in each of the other event types, including speed, counting, idling objects, and more.
Vehicle Counting Reliably count vehicles as they pass through the scene. Quickly generate counts for cameras, and use vehicle classification to further differentiate count information.
Wrong Way Detect vehicles or people going against the flow of traffic.
Zone Intrusion (Core) Detect when moving objects enter into a zone of interest.

intuVision Traffic Sample Videos

Vehicle Classification and Counting - Use intuVision VA Traffic to count vehicles of different types, with options for real-time processing of video or faster than real-time post-processing of video. Additional events include speed detection, stopped vehicle, pedestrian activity, and much more.

intuVision Turn Counts - Track how vehicles behave in a scene and generate traffic heatmaps at the same time. This view was processed with only default settings, which shows how effortless processing with intuVision VA can be.

intuVision Vehicle Counting Faster-than-Realtime - An example of intuVision's faster-than-realtime processing due to offloading processing to the GPU. In this view, the system was only looking at the traffic, so pedestrians walking along the sidewalk are not of interest.